All members of the Sai Shilp Inc. team aspire seven core values. They serve as a constant beacon, guiding us in our every decision. They are:
  • Earning the trust, respect and confidence of our customers is our paramount goal. We never rest on our laurels, and do our utmost to deserve and retain the trusted advisor status.
  • We value relationships, teamwork and partnering. When competencies warrant, we partner, but choose wisely. We share information, risks & rewards among partners in the ecosystem.
  • Integrity is essential to our self-respect. We honor our convictions, which stem from our expertise, with courage and honesty but also with humbleness. We assume responsibility, accept accountability and keep our commitments.
  • We understand and we care for our customers' needs. Customer interests come ahead of company, and company interests ahead of self. Our success depends on our customers' success. We do what it takes to make our customer successful.
  • We practice meritocracy. We expect and deliver excellence, tolerate nothing less. We aspire to be the best, not the biggest, in areas of our specialty. We measure excellence by the high quality of service and the impact of the results we deliver for our clients.
  • We are in pursuit of purpose beyond profit. Yes, we do have a profit motive: we want above average profits for our customer, our investors and ourselves. We also distribute the reward among our employees, partners and ourselves in a fair and consistent manner. However, we are in the pursuit of a purpose beyond profit.
  • We adopt a holistic view, and invest in the future. We take into account potential long-term consequences of current actions. We invest in innovation, self-development and learning.

Do you believe in our core values, and encourage their practice? If yes, choose Sai Shilp Inc.